Grassendale Genetics’ philosphy is to breed hardy, resistant hill country sheep with high production, efficiency and structural soundness. We strive to continually challenge and consolidate our high performing genetic package in the harsh farming conditions on Grassendale. We are totally committed and passionate in our endeavour to produce the perfect ram for our clients.

The cornerstone principles to successful productive hill country farming:

  • Mob pressure, survival of the fittest
  • Minimal drenching of young stock, minimalistic animal health
  • Growing female progeny as fast as possible to express genetic gain
  • Hogget mating
  • SIL data, performance recording
  • Recorded ewes run with the commercial ewes on class VI & VII hill country  with 1000mls rainfall and a high wind run
  • Severe culling regime on structural soundness, constitution and SIL data
  • All rams and ewes tipped over and feet checked – (zero tolerance to any  feet faults)
  • Member of the WRIG (Wairarapa Romney Improvement Group)